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Dave Feltz, Software Development Consultant

Reliable, secure, top-quality software solutions, built at a surprisingly affordable cost

Picture of Dave Feltz, Software Development Consultant I am Dave Feltz, a Software Development Consultant specializing in reliable, secure, top-quality software solutions, delivered at an affordable cost.

Reliability, security & quality - All software code is built on a foundation of proven software engineering best practices with security considerations at every step of the process. The result is software that is more reliable, less-prone to hacking, easier to modify, and of higher quality.

Affordable cost - As an independent Software Development Consultant, employing the most efficient processes and the best development tools and technologies, I can deliver top-quality custom software at less cost. I offer quotes and estimates so you will know your costs up front.

Custom built software applications
Responsive Web applications
Mobile apps
Windows PC applications
Linux and cross-platform applications
Custom Wordpress programming

Large & Small Projects, No Problem!

I can handle both large and small projects, assembling and managing a team of skilled professionals if needed. I will handle the details so you can focus on your business.

Why Should You Choose Me?

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I work with clients to determine their true needs so that we can identify the solution that will deliver the best value.

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I am communicative and reliably available by email, instant message, and phone so clients can expect a quick response.

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I employ software engineering best practices plus high-quality, secure coding and thorough testing to prevent “bugs” and security vulnerabilities.

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I offer a fast turn-around on projects and always try to resolve problems and issues the same day when possible.

Awesome to work with, would recommend to anybody that needs an expert in his field. On time, very professional, and once I showed him what I wanted, he took care of us with no issues. I will definitely use him again if/when I need something done.
- Guy Herrell, Plant Manager, Integrity Biofuels

Where To Start?

The first step is to simply discuss your project requirements. I offer a FREE initial consultation (up to 1 hour) for this purpose, during which we will:

  • Discuss your requirements, ideas, issues, etc.
  • Explore possible solutions
  • Identify the best solution

If we identify an appropriate solution, I will provide you with a written proposal for your consideration. You will have the option to proceed with the project, request modifications to the proposal, or decline with no further obligation.

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