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custom software applications

Increase profits, productivity, & efficiency with custom software applications

Custom web, mobile & desktop software applications can make your business more profitable, productive, and efficient by targeting your unique business requirements and implementing the features you, your employees, and your customers really need without those you don’t.
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custom software applications
pci compliant payments - pci

Protect your business & customers with PCI compliant payment solutions

If your website payment forms are not PCI compliant then credit card information can be recorded on your web server where a hacker or disgruntled employee may find it. PCI compliant payment solutions are designed so that credit card data never passes through your web server.
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api integrations

Leverage powerful services and data with custom API integrations

API services, such as those from Google, PayPal, Stripe, Square, Zoho, Salesforce, etc., can be integrated into websites and custom software applications. The data and services provided by these APIs can extend the capability of your website and software applications in nearly limitless ways.
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api integrations
custom wordpress programming services

Take your Wordpress site to the next level with custom programming services

A Wordpress site's core, plugins, and themes can be customized via hooks, filters, custom short-code, and custom PHP code. If you need your Wordpress site to work in a way not achievable with a plugin or configuration setting, then custom programming can provide a solution.
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Why Should You Choose Me?

By employing an efficient business model and the best development tools and technologies, I can deliver top-quality custom software at less cost.

I am communicative and reliably available by email, instant message, and phone so clients can expect a quick response.

I offer a fast turn-around on projects and always try to resolve problems and issues the same day when possible.

I build the software code securely and test thoroughly to prevent “bugs” and security vulnerabilities making for happy users.

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Where To Start?

The first step is to simply discuss your project requirements. I offer a FREE initial consultation (up to 1 hour) for this purpose, during which we will:

  • Discuss your requirements, ideas, issues, etc.
  • Explore possible solutions
  • Identify the best solution

If we identify an appropriate solution, I will provide you with a written proposal for your consideration. You will have the option to proceed with the project, request modifications to the proposal, or decline with no further obligation.

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