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Get your web, mobile, Windows, & Linux apps built by a skilled software applications consultant.

If you need a web, mobile, Windows, or Linux software application built, I am the right person for the project. I have the skills needed to design and build functional, reliable, secure software solutions. I acquired these skills through my work history as well as education and study.

I am happy to help and always interested in taking on new projects so feel free to email me at: to discuss your needs.

“My mission is to build functional, reliable, secure software applications that deliver exceptional value for my clients”

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Software application consulting services provided:

  • Web application development
  • Mobile apps development
  • Windows PC application development
  • Linux and cross-platform application development

Some of the reasons my clients like working with me:

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I work with clients to determine their true needs so that we can identify the solution that will deliver the best value.

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I am communicative and reliably available by email, instant message, and phone so clients can expect a quick response.

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I employ software engineering best practices plus high-quality, secure coding and thorough testing to prevent “bugs” and security vulnerabilities.

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I offer a fast turn-around on projects and always try to resolve problems and issues the same day when possible.

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Technologies supported:

  • PHP
  • MySQL/MariaDB
  • JavaScript/jQuery
  • Java
  • Microsoft C#
  • Mobile Devices
  • WordPress

The first step to building your web, mobile, Windows or Linux application is discussing your project requirements. After we develop an understanding of your requirements and we identify an appropriate solution, I can provide you with a proposal detailing the agreed to solution and costs.

You can contact me by email at: or click the button below to setup the free consultation so we can talk via phone, video call, or instant message.

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