Design Software for Structural Engineers

Client: Fan Zhang

Business Type: Structural Design Engineer

Client needs: Fan told me that during
the course of his career he had developed engineering design tools
using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Fan told me that these sheets were powerful
tools that could improve the performance of structural engineers so he wants
to make them available to others.

Solution: I worked with Fan to develop a web-based subscription site that
made his powerful design tools available to structural engineers as PHP/JavaScript
based pages accessible with a web browser. Fan decided to call
his new web site “SEsheets” and he registered
as his domain.

Over a period of two years I worked with Fan to help him carry out his vision and to
incorporate his spreadsheet design tools into the site.
The site includes the structural engineering design tools, payment processing
for subscription purchases, and a referral program giving users free access when an
engineer they recommended signs up.

Result: Since its launch in mid 2012 SEsheets has signed up more than
1,000 structural engineers and students from around the U.S. Fan continues to develop
additional design sheets to add to SEsheets growing library.


Screen Shots


Logged in home screen


Sample design sheet


Subscription checkout screen


Friend referral screen