Video Conference Control Software

Client: Tom Brittingham, Progicon Systems LLC (

Business Type: Audio-Video and Lighting Systems Integrator

Client needs: Tom had a high-profile client with a system of
video conference units for broadcast of live TV interviews. Tom needed to create software to
control these systems but the dedicated control systems he usually used would not work
because the production company wanted to run the control software user interface on laptop computers with
the video conference unit video output integrated into the software screen.

Solution: I worked with Tom to develop a client-server based, database driven software system that
meets his specialized need. The system consists of a custom-developed Windows service that
runs on a server machine and controls the video conference units, a custom-developed back office administrator
application for database configuration, and a custom-developed client application that the production
technicians run on laptop computers. The client application connects via a
TCP connection to the control service allowing the technician to place calls, control
camera position, monitor network status, etc. The client application displays the
far-end video in a window integrated into the software user interface.

Tom created the nice-looking graphics scheme for this product and I incorporated the images into the application’s pages.

Screen Shots

Note that even though these screen shots look like touch panels, this is actually
a custom computer application developed in Java SE. This powerful control system is
fully software based eliminating the need for control system hardware and touch panels.

Back office database administrator application status view



Back office database administrator application codec configuration view



Client application used by production technicians showing 4 headend codecs used by the Bristol Studio