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Leverage powerful services and data with custom API integrations

api integrations The services provided by 3rd party APIs can add serious power and capability to your website or custom software applications. It could be something as simple as calculating the driving distance between two addresses, or something more advanced such as pulling analytics data for your websites and displaying reports based on hundreds of parameters reported by the API.

I have successfully completed many API integrations with websites and custom software applications. Here are a few examples:

  • Google Distance Matrix API - calculated driving distance and time to added delivery charges to an online sales payment form.
  • Google Analytics API - pulled website visitor, device, and search terms data to generate detailed reports.
  • CRM software APIs from Zoho and Salesforce - captured leads from custom contact and sign up forms on websites and posted to client’s CRM account.
  • Google Places API - retrieved detailed information about street addresses for a custom marketing reporting system.
  • Geolocation APIs - determined website visitor's location to display custom location specific content and options.
  • Digital Retailer API - pulled product listings to update E-commerce site's product catalog and registered each product purchase with API to allow customer access to digital product delivery.

The list above is just a small sample of what is possible with available API services. If have questions about how API integrations might benefit your business feel free to contact me, or, if you have a specific application in mind you can request a free no-obligation quote.