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Increase profits, productivity, & efficiency with affordable custom software applications

custom software applications Custom web, mobile & desktop software applications can make your business more profitable, productive, and efficient by targeting your unique business requirements and implementing the features you, your employees, and your customers really need without those you don’t. Custom software can meet practically an endless range of needs, far too many to list here. So, below are a few common applications:

  • Custom software applications matched to your unique business processes, automating workflow tasks, tracking workflow progress, eliminating copy & paste between applications, etc.
  • Customized quoting and order entry forms.
  • Online sales and payment processing solutions.
  • Online portals integrated into your web site.
  • Custom E-commerce solutions that present your products & services in a unique way.

What about cost? Isn't custom software expensive?

Custom software, when built by the right developer, can be very cost effective, saving or earning you more money than it costs to build, thereby delivering a positive return on investment.

Many people think custom software applications cost tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop. That is simply not the case for most small to midsize business applications, especially when the software is built by an independent software developer. In fact, I have built top-quality custom software applications for clients for less than $2,000.

To find out what your cost will be based on your unique requirements, simply request a free no-obligation consultation.