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Subscription Accounting Web Application

Client: Colin McGreedy, Cab Accounts (

Business Type: UK based accounting firm specializing in taxi driver accounts

Client needs: Colin told me that he needed a better system for his specialized clients to keep their books. He decided that his existing system that was based on Excel spreadsheets was inefficient and that a custom developed software application would give Cab Accounts a competitive advantage in the marketplace and also reduce the labor that he and his clients expended in bookkeeping and tax preparation. He determined that reducing bookkeeping labor would help his business as well as his client’s business make more profit.

Solution: I worked with Colin to develop a web-based subscription accounting application called CabSave. CabSave is offered exclusively to Cab Accounts taxi driver clients.

With CabSave the drivers can perform bookkeeping tasks and track income, expenses and profit from any computer or smart phone with a web browser. At tax time, Colin and his team can access the user records and prepare tax returns.

Result: Since its release in 2010 hundreds have created CabSave accounts with many drivers commenting on how they like the software and how easy it is to use. Recently other accountants have contacted Cab Accounts to discuss licensing the software for use with their taxi driver clients.