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Nutrition Management Software

This is a nutrition software product that I built several years ago. It allows users to monitor their intake of 32 nutrients. It can be used for weight control, diabetes management or anything a Doctor might recommend. Simple Meal supports multiple users and comes integrated with the US Department of Agriculture Nutrient Databases containing over 14,000 foods and variants. Users can add foods to the database using the information on the nutrition facts label found on most food products sold in the US today.

A powerful search feature is included to help locate foods from the 14,000+ items in the database. Once the food is located the user can set the serving size and the food is added to the working meal. Users can plan meals on any date in the future or past. The working date is set using a drop down calendar control.

As foods are added or removed from the meal plan, Simple Meal calculates statistics for all 32 nutrients and breaks them down by food, meal and day.

A metabolism tracker feature show users how many calories they burn per day. Simple Meal monitors their calorie intake and weight changes to calculate daily energy expedenture.

Major feature screenshots:

main screen

Main user screen.

add or edit food screen

Users can add or edit foods with all nutrition information.

Add and edit recipes

Recipe creation and editing screen.

add and edit users
Create and edit users, setup nutrient and weight loss goals

Skills employed on this project:
Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft Foundation Classes 7.0