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pricing - vs quality

My focus is on building quality software so I never promise to be the lowest price option. Instead, I work to deliver premium quality services with a pricing structure designed to maximize the value you receive.

How much I need for a particular project or contract will usually depend on the expected value my work will deliver rather than a fixed hourly rate. For example, a simple little coding project will likely deliver less value than a complex API integration project so my pricing will vary accordingly. In certain situations only an hourly billing agreement will do so in those cases I will quote you a rate.

The process for determining my pricing for a particular project or contract is simple: contact me and we will discuss your needs and how those needs impact your business. If you are located in close proximity to Richmond Indiana we can meet in person if you prefer or we can meet via phone, video call, or instant message. I will provide you with a proposal after I have a solid understanding of the goal you want to accomplish.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or if you would like to discuss how you want to leverage my services.