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Services provided by Dave Feltz, Independent Software Engineer

Building affordable top-quality custom software applications for clients.

Services I am an expert software engineer with the skills and experience needed to build functional, reliable, secure, maintainable web and desktop applications. My extensive software development background across many areas helps me to bring a wealth of experience to development projects.

I write quality code built on S.O.L.I.D. principles and a clean software architecture, combined with a focus on security and thorough unit & end-to-end testing so that the software product is reliable, less prone to hacking, and less-costly to maintain and change.

I specialize in building software applications in the following areas:
  • Workflow Automation systems
  • Accounting & bookkeeping applications
  • Inventory management applications
  • Online portals integrated into web sites
  • Custom product purchase, checkout, and payment systems
  • Services and data from 3rd party APIs integrated into web and desktop applications
    • Google APIs including Sign in with Google, My Business, Analytics, Places, Maps, etc.
    • Payment processing APIs including PayPal, Stripe, Square, etc.
    • CRM APIs including Zoho, Salesforce, etc.

I support the following technologies:
  • LAMP stack - PHP 7 & 8, Codeigniter 3 & 4, MySQL/MariaDB DBMS
  • PHPUnit testing framework
  • JavaScript and jQuery
  • Java SE for Windows, Linux, and Mac desktop applications.

Feel free to contact me or request a quote if you have a project that could benefit from an experienced independent software engineer.